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Alien Artifacts VII - The Living Mountain

Alien Artifacts VII - The Living Mountain

Secret Report of Central Earth Government CEG-NH23/2b - Update "...Breaking News from the fourth planet of Banards Star! We have gained a secret picture from a source within earth government that will shatter all dreams of colonisation. The picture yields very disturbing facts. It shows a giant lifeform dwelling on this planet. As it tries to mimic the suronding surface and seems to base on silica rather than carbon, it was overlooked during the first scans. This one was only discovered accidentaly by a scout team, that made some infra-sound scans.

After recalibrating our sensors we discovered 743 of these beings only on the southern continent. The light greenish coloring seems to indicate a symbiosis with the algea in the water. It is disturbing, that these creature mimic the terrain they are in, as if they have to hide from a predator. What kind of predator can prey on creatures of this size...

Now all our hopes rest on Arret Ehtnax!"

My comments:

STORYLINE: Continuing of environaut's 'Satellite Imagery', my 'Last Hope' and environaut's 'Lander's Descent'

TERRAIN: TF2 and Photoshop, combined in TF2

I hope you like this one. Comments, critics and/or advise is (as always ;) very welcome. Thanks for viewing and Happy Rendering :o) Matthias