TsW - The Island of Dead Gods


On this page you'll find a little fantasy project, that I started back in late 2004, but was not able to finish until now. It was part of the TsW (The second World) project, started by Martin J. Birk. The projects aim was to create a complete fantasy world with wrtitings and graphics. Due to some changes in RL I never got farther than some terrain tests with Terragen. If you want to take a look at my work from 2004  you can do it here

The Story

It is told, that far south from the southern coast of Amarillo Country there is an old and dangerous island. The locals call it "the island of dead gods".  Very few dared to go there and fewer have returned. Those surviving, tell stories of an unholy place, desolate and dangerous. Deep canyons filled with strange noise and random but strong winds. Sometimes those winds carry moans and whinings from far away to the traveller. 
But there are more frigthening things on this island. In every story are strange organic rock formations mentioned, looking like vast old beings,.... petrified or frozen in time.

The following report was writen by a scholar from ... He put together all reports he could get, and described some of the main features found on this Island:

Mount Doom


- mostly cold / cloud coverd

- lots of fog / haze, limitted visibility

- sometimes strange lights in the sky in the night

The organic Pillars

Organic Pillar Those organic looking pillars of rock were mostly discovered near the shores and rarely found all over the island. Some of them radiate some unwealthy heat. Expeditons found lots remnants of camps and skeletons of earlier teams near by. The returning parties tell, that some of the men refused to camp near them because of strange bad foreshadowings so they never stayed there over night. Maybe the other parties weren't  that lucky to have men with this sensitivity.

Organic pillars

The Mazes

Some areas of the island are coverd by weird mazes, which seem to have grown from the ground. The organic looking walls drop deep shadows and sometimes one con see a weird green glow coming from inside. No one who dared to enter, was ever seen again. Sometimes they simply didn't return and sometimes awefull screams were heard as last sign of life...


The Gullet (Schlund) 

The Spines

Two formations which are best described as spines are found on the Island. One in the North and one in the North East.

Nohthern Spine

The Northern Spine

This formation can already be spotted from the see on a clear day. It stretches for 2 km from northwest  to southeast.
After passing through a field of pillars one suddenly reach an open plain with this structure in it. At the northwestern end, it  curves like a snake forming a kind of twirl. From the center of this twirl  one can sometimes see little pale green lights rise into the sky like  kind of spores.

The Brains